Though our buildings were closed due to COVID-19, the church is its people, and we never closed.

Our in-person worship schedule, for now, is at our regular times (8:30 a.m. at St. Peter and 10 a.m. at St. John) with the first and third Sundays in a drive-in/outdoor format that includes brought-from-home communion. You may stay in your car and tune into 87.7 on your FM dial or pull up a lawn chair or blanket, spread out for distancing, masks are encouraged and we sing and pray together. The second and fourth Sundays are indoors with the following guidelines: face coverings, physical distancing, and some mumbling with congregational speaking and praying and humming with the hymns.

All services in-person are livestreamed and recorded on Facebook Live on our Saints in Mission Facebook page. Services prior to the opening of the buildings (as well as services when Pastor Joel is on vacation) were prerecorded and uploaded to YouTube and the links posted on our Saints in Mission Facebook page. This includes the Sept. 6, 2020, service.